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All courses are designed to be delivered online, publicly or in-house and are also customisable to enable us to meet with our client’s specific development requirements. Courses provided range from strategic level as providing a comprehensive set of modules to cater for soft skills development.



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The LWA Leadership Institute provides high quality educational programs tailored to African unique challenges. We cater for English and French audiences. Our Executive Courses are facilitated by top industry experts.

The Importance Of Mentorship In Leadership Development

Mentorship provides a personalized approach to leadership development, where mentees receive tailored support and guidance. Mentors can help mentees identify their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.

The Role Of Technology In Shaping Visionary Leaders

Technology has made leadership training and development more accessible and affordable. Traditionally, leadership training was only available to a select few who could afford to attend expensive programs. However, technology has made it possible for individuals to access leadership training and development programs online.

Leadership Lessons From Africa’s Past

The value of tradition: African leaders recognized the importance of tradition and sought to preserve it. They understood that traditions helped to shape a community’s identity, and they worked to ensure that future generations would continue to honor their cultural heritage.

The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

One of the most critical skills for any leader is building strong relationships with team members. When a leader has high emotional intelligence, they are more likely to be able to establish these connections. Leaders with high EI can read emotions and understand how their team members feel, which helps them tailor their approach to each individual.

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Within Africa’s diverse markets, a lot is changing and influencing opportunities for growth. We are committed to developing African Leaders who are equipped to make the most out of every opportunity!

About LWA Leadership Institute

LWA Leadership Institute is an Executive Education institution that offers practical executive and skills development training for a wide range of clients across Africa.

Since 2009, LWA Leadership Institute has been shaping visionary leaders in corporate and public sectors environments with the aim to achieve a single development model that maps a pathway towards African transformation.

The LWA Leadership Institute provides high quality educational programs tailored to African unique challenges. We cater for English and French audiences.

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